At Larson Rehabilitation our focus is on high quality, patient centered care. Whether you have chronic pain, a work or sports injury, or need post operative rehabilitation, Dr. Larson uses a “hands on” approach to improve your strength, flexibility, and functional movement. His goal is to accelerate your return to optimal activity. Dr. Larson personally oversees all treatment provided at his practice to assure his patients receive the full benefit of his education and clinical experience.


Dr. Larson is one of 179 physical therapists nationwide certified in electrodiagnostic and nerve conduction studies (EMG/NCV).

This testing combined with Dr. Larson’s expertise in neuroanatomy and musculoskeletal systems can determine the cause of arm or leg weakness, loss of sensation, or pain. Additionally EMG/NCV testing can definitively diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome, radiculopathies, and diabetic neuropathy.


Sports injuries such as sprains, strains, shin splints, ACL tears, and tennis elbow can be challenging to any athlete. Dr. Larson’s goal is to develop a rehabilitation program with the patient’s athletic goals in mind. A primary focus is the safe, timely return to full participation.


Knee and hip replacements, spinal fusions and ACL reconstructions are common orthopedic surgeries. Dr. Larson has spent many hours in the operating room and with orthopedic surgeons gaining an in-depth understanding of the unique and exciting area of post-surgical rehabilitation. His focus in this area lies in balancing the protection of the surgical repair and achieving full function and mobility.


Helping you recover from an injury is what we do at Larson Rehabilitation. But what if your focus is on never getting injured in the first place? Dr. Larson’s strong foundation in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology can make this goal a reality. Call today to schedule an appointment. Our motivation is your peak performance!

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